Wizards in space


So, when it comes to game design and play I really like the idea of magic systems, and sneaking/stealing, and complex crafting systems, and all these things.

But I also find that the typical fantasy setting is hugely overdone. Even with the variety that there is - Middle Earth, Discworld, Westeros, etc.

And I really like the idea of space travel, and having a game set on a space station, and visiting different worlds.

So I get to thinking how these can be combined I’m a way that’s not - frankly - ridiculous. I’ve always felt that spelljammer and systems like that are very much on the ridiculous side of things.

But equally there’s the concern that any setting that mixes magic and science either feels forced or else emphasises one over the other too much. A lot of D20 level magic is perfectly reasonable in Faerun, but is going to be hugely overkill on Babylon 5, for example. A single “fireball” would wipe out the entire station!

So - thoughts?

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I think this is a good place to meld the two to form some sort of augmented techno-sorcery. Future tech has enabled the use of brain implants that allow the user to bend reality in ways that were previously not possible. Loads you could do there that would allow for spells while maintaining a space theme.



Hmm - techno sourcery is an interesting thought. Might have to run with that :slight_smile:

I did really like the spell making aspect of Oblivion, and the way that Dresden Files RPG let’s you create whatever spells you want, and I love the idea of doing that in a game. I envisioned each player having their own custom spells built from their own power words combined as they desired, so magic really feels unique to each caster.

But then that’s real magic and fitting that into a science setting feels a bit unusual…

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Different combinations of implants can open up different types of spells. You could also add expansion slots to those to augment the provided spell set with new “elements”.



Hmm. Interesting thought here. “Magic” becomes highly dependent on Crafting, which is kinda cool.

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