New client test server - Spigot


I started a new server to help test and develop the Grapevine web client, which I’m calling Spigot. It’s up on GitHub at

The main purpose of this is to have a server that will very easily send out of band messages via GMCP to more quickly add and test things on the web client such as modals.

The secondary goal is to prototype a new architecture for a MUD framework in Elixir, as ExVenture works well but could be a lot better set up. If everything goes well I plan on pulling the architecture back into ExVenture later on.

The layout is pretty heavily inspired by Phoenix, as those applications scale well and keep concerns separated nicely. Commands are “controllers”, they interact with other processes and render views (which might be text or an out of bound event.) Events happening from inside the game are actions, which also act as controllers and render views. So far I’m pretty happy with its layout.

Anyways, if anyone else is driving a client maybe Spigot will be useful to them as well!

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